The Tournament Program


We invite the football teams from all over the world to take part in football festival dedicated to the International Celebration Day of Spring and Labor held on the 9th of May. 

This festival is a reminder for adults that a little child needs protection and support. The Saint-Petersburg Organization “STEPTOSPORT” wants to collect all of the friends together on the tournament and make a tremendous holiday for children and their parents. 
This festival was start since 2006. The representatives of CIS, Baltic, Scandinavian and Europe states had participated in the tournament. We are negotiating with teams from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus, China, Netherlands, Hungary, Brazil, and USA and from other states. 
The Festival JUNIOR FOOTBALLER CUP is enlisted as one of the high-profile events in Saint-Petersburg. The follow clubs such as FC CSKA, FC Zenit, AC Milan, Olympique de Marseille, FC Dinamo Kiev, FC Vitesse, FC HJK have participated in this tournament.

  • 20 permanent employees 
    12 invited employees before and during the tournament 
    2 stadiums 
    10 buses 
    24 sport grounds 
    Over 10.000 participants, spectators, parents and guests 
    Over 10 participating countries 
    Over 500 matches 
    Over 150 participating teams
    Over 2500 players 
    Over 40 referees
  • JUNIOR FOOTBALLER CUP festival is held annually from 9th to 12th of May during the most fantastic season in Saint-Petersburg. Our city is known with its great history. Participating in this tournament is a possibility to get experience the beauty and mightiness walking among the most splendid places of the cultural capital of Russia.
  • Important Dates
    April, 10st - deadline for the teams to pay the Entry Fee and to make the 50% prepayment for accommodation. It is also the deadline to apply for participation in the tournament;
    April, 25th – the deadline to pay the rest of accommodation fee. 

    Program of tournament:
    May, 8th – arriving and registration of the teams;
    May, 9th – opening ceremony and the competition starts, group stage;
    May, 9,10,11th – group stage;
    May, 12th – final matches.

    Each team undoubtedly enters the play-off stage.
    1st competition – the preliminary draw of teams divided into groups of 4 teams. This stage allows separating the strongest football clubs from those which are not well prepared. The first two teams move into the second stage of A Cup, the last two ones move to the 2nd competition for B Cup.
    2nd competition – the teams plays in a group of 4-6 teams in the A or B Cup competition, then the two winning teams enter the play-off. Registration is open on the web-site in a month before the tournament or a team can be enrolled on 8th of May at the stadium.
  • Participants’ Categories 
    В-11 boys born in 2008 ½ of the field 8+1 2*20 min. 
    В-10 boys born in 2009 ½ of the field 8+1 2*20 min. 
    В-9 boys born in 2010 ¼ of the field 6+1 2*15 min. 
    В-8 boys born in 2011 1/8 of the field 4+1 2*15 min. 
    В-7 boys born in 2012 1/8 of the field 4+1 2*12 min. 
    В-6 boys born in 2013 1/8 of the field 4+1 2*12 min.
  • Matches Schedule
    All teams play minimum 8 matches from 9th till 12th of May (about 2 matches per day). The matches are held from 9.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. Semifinals and finals take part on the 12th of May. The exact schedule will be available in a two weeks before the tournament. Please take into consideration that there is no chance to change the matches time. Plan the departure in order not to miss the finals.

    Each participant gets a diploma and photo of a team with the tournament logo. Disks with professional video and photo shooting about your team can be bought additionally at the press-center.
    Three teams in each age group in both of the Cups (A and B) are rewarded with cups and medals. In A Cup competitions there are players rewarded as the most talented, bright and persistent players.

    Arrival and departure
    In the admission form there should be pointed whether the team requires a bus from the railway station/airport to the accommodation. We are asking you to send the exact information including date, time and place of arrival and departure specifying the number of train, carriage and the flight number. This information should be sent to the organizing committee before 1st of April. Buses pick the participants directly at the stadium (the luggage should be either taken from the hotel\school or kept in a hotel) or at the hotel/school in 3.5 hours before the flight or in 2.5 hours before the train of any Saint Petersburg’s stations.

    “Stertosport” does not bare responsibility for any changes in arrival or departure schedule if they have not been accorded with the organizing committee before in written form.
  • Extra Days
    Please be sure that the organizing committee knows your arrival and departure details. Contact us in case of any changes in arrival/departure schedule.

    The Cancellation
    Entry Fee payment is lost in case you refuse to participate.
    20% of full payment is lost in case you refuse to participate after 1st of April.
    If you cancel your arrival after 15st of April you will lose 50% of full payment.
    If your cancelation will be after 25th of April we can’t to refuse 100% of your money.

    Insurance. Medical Supply
    All the participants regardless their citizenship or the place or living should assure their lives during the tournament in case of injuries. The organizers bear no responsibility for any traumas, injuries and fractures happening to a child on the football field and apart from it. Each child should be allowed to participate with a permission of a medical institution according to the place of residence.
    The organizing committee provides with the medical staff in order to treat the first aid.

    We help the foreign participants to open Russian visa. We send the official invitation on the ground of the following data:
    A city where the invitation needs to be sent to;
    Finished admission form;
    A list of the delegation members written in Latin specifying the date of birth, passport number, validity of passport and the person’s role in a team (e.g. player, coach, physician, parent, etc);
    The Start fee or 50% prepayment for accommodation should be paid;
    The invitation should be given in a consulate to get a free visa.
  • City tours
    Our main aim is to make a bright holiday out of ordinary tournament. That is why apart from football we provide you with a choice to try lots of entertaining activities. Our people will connect you in order to choose one of the city sightseeing tours to get acquainted with fascinating Saint-Petersburg. We offer:
    A sightseeing 3 hour tour by bus with stops at the most significant places of interest;
    A boat tour along the rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg;
    A tour to Peterhof fountains – diamond of the St.Petersburg.

    Participants’ Parade
    The opening ceremony and the participant’ parade are held on 9th of May before competitions. The members of a team should wear the uniform, hold its flag and ready to sing a team song, drums and painted faces.
    The opening ceremony will be held at stadium.

    We have prepared a special entertaining program for the children to distract from matches and competition. You can visit the biggest entertainment center, the biggest aqua park, a special children cinema show.
    You can visit each of these entertaining activities only one time during the tournament. Please note that there is no transportation provided to the entertaining centers. You can use public transport or metro.

    “Steptosport” engages about 50 guides to follow the participants. They meet the guests at arrival point, follow the team during the tournament events and follow them till the departure point. Every guide speaks the language of the team he or she accompanies.
    We engage guides through our web site. All guides will receive photo, T-Shirt and lunches daily.
    You can take part in the organization process by signing-up at our web-site or by sending the request on our e-mail

    Welcome on the 14th
    International Children Football Festival in Saint-Petersburg!